Hey Kaito! (Original English + Lyrics)

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The Buzz
The Buzz
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Hey Kaito! (Original)
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Hey Kaito! Say Kaito!
Tell me that you’ll stay, Kaito!
I wanna hear you sing my song.
Gee, it’s good to meet you Kaito, you’re really fine.
I take just one look at you and here comes sunshine.
You turn that smile on me and I hear a symphony.
Sets my heart a-singin’ in four-part harmony.

I tell ya, gee it’s good to find you Kaito, I’ve spent so long.
Looking for a special guy to sing my song.
Life was blue until this minute, out of tune without you in it.
Happiness is finally on the way.
If you say Kaito, hey Kaito, stay.

Stay here right close to me, I wanna sing
With you by my side my heart goes ringing.
Oh, what it does to me when you sing harmony.
I love the thrill of you serenading me.

Oh gee, I love to love you Kaito, it just can’t be wrong.
My heart said on this to wed my whole life long.
Music means the world to me and you’re my favorite melody.
We can sing our troubles all away.
If you’ll say Kaito, hey Kaito, tell me that you’ll stay Kaito.

Join me in a Vocaloid song of Love!
(Let’s sing a song of love~)
(Everlasting Kaito fangirl love~)

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